Senior Home Care Options Are Getting Better!

Seniors today are without a doubt faced with the greatest challenge of their lives. And that is finding affordable and accessible senior living communities. Why is this? It’s because of the rising costs of senior rent and senior care.

You may be someone who is considering a community right now for yourself, your parents perhaps, or other loved ones. Any of you could also be wondering how much you can truly afford. Millions of senior Americans feel this uncertainty every day. But more and more seniors are turning to home care services because it’s becoming a more available and affordable alternative to living at a senior facility or community. It’s cheaper, you get to stay home, and you don’t have to move far away from family.

As a whole, America is becoming an older population. Thanks to advancements in medical science, people are living longer lives. As a consequence, the senior population is expected to double in 10 years, and communities won’t be able to keep up with the demand in housing. it’s going to be extremely difficult to find affordable housing, much less housing that meets a senior’s individual needs. As a response to the negative trend in housing, senior home care services are increasing nationwide.

Senior home care services are on track to become the best option for all seniors due to their lower costs and better quality of life.

The older you get, the more you hear your family members attempt to talk you into packing your bags and moving into a senior care community. But is it so unreasonable to want to remain in the home you’ve lived in for decades? Absolutely not!

You’re not the only person who has suffered through the pep talks from your family and friends to push you into a senior living community. There’s data that supports your enthusiasm to stay at home. A whopping 90 percent of American seniors prefer to live in the comfort of their own homes rather than having to move into a strange community or facility. It’s unnerving! To add to that, only a small group of seniors require the kind of care that’s given in a senior living home. Why pay for a bunch of services you’ll probably never use?

That’s why home care is so much better. It’s personalized to the individual’s needs, and the only costs you are incurring are for services you are actually using. Also, you don’t feel the discomfort of having a new nurse assist you in your daily activities. With home care, the same trained professional visits you to administer your medical and personal care. Imagine never having to leave the house to get the care you need. It’s concierge medicine customized for seniors who want the perks of senior care facilities but in their own homes. Want assistance getting dressed, taking a drive to visit the kids, simmering in a nice warm bath after a long day, or stocking up on fresh groceries? Home health aides have got you covered. It’s safe enough to feel like you’ll never get hurt having to do everything yourself, yet liberating enough to feel like you can live a normal life in your own house.

You may already feel that senior home care services are the ideal choice for you. Some folks have concerns about the safety of home care, which are valid, but home care is just as safe as senior care facilities, if not better for several reasons.

First and foremost, the most important benefit of home care is the quality of life. That affects everything, not just your mental health but also your physical well-being. Some seniors feel trapped in assisted living facilities, and it’s lead to a deterioration in quality of life for many seniors. Especially when you feel like your freedoms have been stripped away by being relegated to a life in care facilities. Convenience also plays a big factor. It’s pleasant to think about having the care you need brought right to your own home. Since you get to stick with the same care provider, you can build a level of companionship with you when they visit you as needed. Home care has expanded its medical capabilities, such as administering IV fluids, dressing wounds, even medical care for recent surgery patients and customized physical therapy treatments. Home care professionals provide fast and easy transportation which is always available when you need it, and also a wide array of domiciliary care, such as cleaning up around the house, meal preparation, and more. To further increase the senior’s quality of life, home care professionals have created enrichment programs that are completely custom to each senior. These programs provide seniors with daily, fun activities to help them live a fulfilling life.

Studies on home care suggest that seniors can live longer, healthier, and happier lives when they have customized care brought to their home. Life expectancy is shown to be higher than that of seniors who live the rest of their lives in a care facility. It comes back to the idea that clinicians can visit patients in their own environment. You feel safe, comfortable, and open when you are at home. Providers actually have an easier time providing medical care, managing medications, and establishing a stronger relationship with patients than in a facility. The best part is that home care has so many different types of services. They can be purely medical in nature, or just helping around the house, or even just a once a week visit to care for your more urgent needs. Whatever the case may be, home care services basically offer any kind of service you can ask for.

Now that you know the benefits of senior home care, you may be wondering where you can find such a wonderful thing. Affordable options are out there, and many different types of services can be found for a reasonable price. They are completely adjustable to your daily needs. With the growing population of baby boomer generation seniors, the demand for senior services is increasing the competition among providers, which fortunately means that providers will offer higher quality services at more reasonable prices. But don’t wait for the other shoe to drop, you’ll want to take advantage of the offers that are out there before the new wave of seniors take over the home care market.

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