Kid Accidentally Starts Movement, Makes Everyone’s Day Better

“Everyone deserves to feel happy for even one second of the day.”

High school is an awkward time in everyone’s lives. It’s generally associated with teenage angst, stress, and drama. Jeremy Grace just wasn’t having it. So, he decided to spread some positivity.

When he noticed a fellow classmate down in the dumps, he spontaneously decided to give her a high-five. With encouragement from a friend, he decided to give everyone high fives as he went from class to class. Jeremy didn’t know at first, but this random act of kindness sparked a movement at his school.

“Once I started to high-five people every day, people started to come up to me and tell them how happy it made them feel. That’s when I started to do it as a concentrated thing every day,” Jeremy explained.

Dubbed “The Up High Movement”,  Jeremy’s high-fives created a ripple effect. Suddenly, everyone started high-fiving everyone. According to students, teachers, and the vice principal, this has generated a huge amount of positivity and happiness throughout the school.

Since then, Jeremy has turned it into an all-out campaign. He hopes it will raise awareness for mental health and bullying issues that high-school students struggle with all throughout their teenage years.

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