5 Benefits Many Veterans Don’t Know About!

With all the information that’s out there today, so much of it gets lost in translation. Especially benefits that veterans have access to. If you’re a veteran, then you’re gonna wanna listen to this. Here are 5 amazing benefits that you probably don’t know about that are great to take advantage of!

Veteran Home Loans
It’s true! There are home loans out there for veterans that provide them with huge discounts and great deals. If only more veterans knew about these incredible offers! There are more than 21 million veterans and active service members that live in the United States, yet during the past 5 years, only 6 percent of them have gotten VA sponsored home loans.

So what is a veteran home loan?
A veteran home loan is a VA sponsored loan that offers no money down mortgages to veterans, active service members and qualified military spouses.These veteran home loans are offered by private lenders, which includes most mortgage companies and banks. The loans are guaranteed and approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Why should you get a veteran home loan?
Few important things. As we mentioned above, these affordable veteran home loans do not require a down payment, and you aren’t required to have mortgage insurance. Most conventional home loans require a 3.5% to 5% down payment, which can be tens of thousands of dollars that many veterans simply don’t have. Mortgage insurance can also be expensive, but for veteran home loans, it’s not required! You can also use the benefit an infinite number of times and it never expires! So you could upgrade to the next home and the next home without ever worrying that you’d lose the benefit. VA home loans are also about 0.25% lower than conventional loans, so you’re getting a great discount! Since these loans are not government funded, they can be financed even at local lenders. Which makes the application process quick and easy. You can also buy, refinance, and even take advantage of home equity. Lenders practice leniency on those with low credit scores, bankruptcy, and other such circumstances that would render applicants unqualified. VA fee waivers are eligible to veterans on disability, and surviving spouses may be eligible as well. Now is the time to check out your options if you’re a veteran and you’re interested in a home loan!

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Veteran Home Loans

Loans for Veterans
Are you a veteran who’s in need of money? Perhaps a personal loan? Bet you didn’t know there were veteran loan options for you out there! The most important thing you will want to do is to compare competitive prices between banks, credit unions, and other online companies. Because there are where you’ll find the best deals for your veterans loan.

What is a Veterans Personal Loan?
Loans for veterans are low interest rate loans offered to veterans, with added leniency on credit scores and loan terms. These loans are designed to help veterans get back on their feet and they are designed to be able to be paid off with no strings attached.

Could a veterans personal loan be for you?
It’s possible! It’s important to research who the best lenders are for veterans. There’s really great personal loans out there that will get veterans the cash they need for the next big purchase or just to help out with a substantial bill. You could qualify for loans up to $40,000 with interest rates between 5% and 36%, based on your credit score. Different lenders will give you different interest rates with your score, so remember to find the best deal that works for your budget.

Car Donations for Veterans Program
It can be hard in today’s economy to be a veteran and have enough money for the next meal. To combat this inequality, Non-profit organizations have created programs for donors who wish to give their vehicle to a great charity that turns the cars into cash for veterans. These programs have been set up all across the country, you just need to know where to look.

So how do these donation programs work?
The process is quite simple for car donors. Most non-profits offer a click or call to people wishing to donate. All donors have to do is provide their vehicle information, then schedule a free pickup! The organization then sells the car and the profits go towards a fund that gives cash to veterans. It’s that simple!

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Veteran Volunteer Organizations
Volunteering to help Veterans is one of the most important things that people can do for their countrymen. According to the VA, there are over 75,000 volunteers working over 12 million volunteer hours, and they are saving the VA more than $232 million annually through their efforts. They are also giving over $77 million in gifts and donations annually. This means that there are organized events all over the country and even events near you that you can go to if you need assistance.

What kind of volunteer programs are out there? There are so many different types of volunteer programs that it really depends on what kind of assistance you need. Do you need medical assistance? There’s volunteers at VA hospitals that will be there for you. Visit a VA hospital today and ask them about volunteer services that can help you. Need someone to help you get groceries or get around the house? Check out volunteer programs that will have volunteers come to your home and lend a hand. Do you feel like you want to connect with other veterans to feel like you belong? Find out about great veteran programs that bring veterans together with the help of volunteers.

Debt consolidation for veterans
Are you an American veteran with debt you’ve collected over the years? Veterans all over the country struggle with paying off their debts, and there are several programs available to pay it forward and help veterans out for having served our country. The most important thing is to find out where the best deals and lowest interest rates are for debt consolidation.

What is veteran debt consolidation, though?
It’s just like debt consolidation for regular consumers, but lenders have specialized programs that offer the lowest interest rates and lowest monthly payments possible for veterans. What’s important about these debt consolidation loans? They are backed by the VA. So when you’ve consolidated your debt, you know you have a guarantee from the VA that you have a good deal. You can find debt consolidation loans from banks, credit unions, and online companies. All of their loans are funded by their institutions and they are regulated and guaranteed by the VA.

Could a veteran debt consolidation be good for you?
Absolutely! As a veteran you already have plenty to worry about. So don’t stress out by getting some high interest debt consolidation loan with an astronomical monthly payment. You can compare offers between several different banks, credit unions and other institutions to get the best deal for you.

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