Anti-ISIS “Love, Not Terror” Ramadan PSA Goes Viral in Middle East

PHOTO: Q8India

We’re just a few days into Ramadan, and already something awesome has happened. A commercial toting the message “love, not terror”, has gone viral in the Middle East.

The timing couldn’t be better. The same day that telecommunications company Zain posted the advertisement, ISIS called for an “all out war” on the West during Ramadan. The terror group posted a propaganda audio message last week (5/26), demanding attacks on Western “homes, their markets, their roads, and their forums,” saying, “targeting of civilians is beloved to us and the most effective…may you get great reward in Ramadan.”

Well, Muslims in the Middle East aren’t having it. Instead, they’re praising Zain’s video. One commenter said, “…I am against terrorism in all its forms”, and criticized both ISIS and the Syrian president accused of using chemical weapons against Sunni Muslim civilians.

This is the kind of message the whole world needs to hear. The only cure for hatred and fear is love. In times of terror, we need to stick together. Turning against each other is exactly what terrorists want.

The video has clearly struck a chord with Muslims around the world, having received almost 2 million views in just three days. It portrays a suicide bomber on a bus being persuaded by different Muslim figures not to carry out his attack. In the end, the advertisement sees the suicide bomber dropping to his knees, saying, “persuade others with leniency, not force,” with another person saying, “let’s bomb hatred with love.”

See the video below:

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