10 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

2. Lunch Buddies

One fateful day, Leah Paske, a mother with an autistic son, received a photo from her son’s school that made her start to cry. Florida State wide receiver, Travis Rudolph, had sat down with her son to eat lunch with him in the school cafeteria.

Rudolph had been visiting the middle school that day with some other FSU athletes to meet and inspire the kids, when he noticed the little ginger boy sitting alone at a table for lunch. He decided he was going to do something about it. Rudolph broke away from the crowd, walked over to the lil’ man and sat down with him and ate lunch and had a chat over a couple of slices of pizza.

In a Facebook post commemorating the event, Leah wrote: “This is one day I didn’t have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone, because he sat across from someone who is a hero in many eyes. Travis Rudolph thank you so much. You made this momma exceedingly happy.”

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