Get a Degree Without Leaving Your Home

It’s no secret — a bachelor’s degree can open many doors when it comes to career advancement and increased income. But going back to school can be difficult for those with time constraints or in need of flexibility for personal responsibilities. Fortunately, we’re breaking down the best universities that are now offering online degrees, and why it’s important for you to consider enrolling today.

Why should you consider a bachelor’s degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics*, workers with a high school diploma earn $746 per week, while those with a bachelor’s degree earn $1248 per week. Not to mention, many employers in certain industries require a Bachelor’s degree just to be considered for the job! 

A bachelor’s degree provides new opportunities and opens many doors. Luckily, many top universities are now offering online bachelor’s degrees to reach people who are ready to take the next step in their careers.

It’s time to take advantage of those online bachelor’s degrees today. 

Why Online?

Many successful professionals are choosing online degrees over on-campus experiences. Here’s why:

  1. Online degrees offer the same curriculum and learning experience as if you were attending classes in person. 
  2. You can access top universities from around the country (and the world) online as opposed to limiting yourself to a campus near you.
  3. You are in control of your time — there’s no need to account for commuting or traffic. You can attend online classes from the comfort of your home!
  4. Online universities typically cost less than campus learning.
  5. You will save loads of money because of no commuting costs, no need for room/board, access to e-books and more.

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Find Online Degrees from Top Universities 

Choosing the right university for you will be hard. And with online options, we may dare to say it will a tad harder — but for the right reasons. Your will have a lot more options to choose from! Some of the best universities from all around the world are now available to you.

We are listing some top universities with online degree programs:

  1. Ohio State University
  2. Arizona State University
  3. Oregon State University
  4. University of Alabama
  5. University of Florida
  6. University of Central Florida
  7. John Brown University
  8. DePaul University
  9. Ohio University – Main Campus
  10. California State University – Sacramento  
  11. & Many more…

These universities offer many different career options and thorough curriculums — from sciences to arts. With a degree from one of these online programs, your future career options will be endless and your earnings significantly higher.

Start Now

Many people are unaware of the new options that exist in online learning, but lucky for you, you are now on the right path to finding an online degree option that will benefit your future. 

These are just a few of the many universities with online programs… the list goes on! Continue your search online to find the right college program for you. 

Ready to start studying an online degree? Start today!

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