Watch This Adorable Toddler Have a Dance-Off With a Target Employee


MONROVIA, CA – It was a rough day for Californian mom, Stefanie Bradbard Elliot, and her 2-year-old daughter, Evallynn. Elliot had taken Evalynn with her on her shopping trip to Target, and the entire day the toddler had been “unusually rambunctious”. She hoped that bringing along a toy shopping cart would make Evallynn feel like a big girl and keep her entertained, but she “immediately regretted” her decision once they were inside the store.

“Just before this video my daughter was following me to checkout on her knees, dragging her huge shoes that she insisted on wearing. At the same time, I was telling her to stand up and giving her ‘the look’ that most moms have to convey they mean business,” Elliot told

She ended up spending the entire trip trying to steer her own cart, wrangle her toddler, and shop – all while having to repeatedly double back to retrieve the tiny shopping cart when the 2-year-old forgot about it and left it in the middle of an aisle. Talk about a stressful day!

By the time the pair got to checkout, Elliot was frazzled and Evallynn was just as stressed out as her mom. That was when a friendly Target employee came to the rescue. The employee opened a new lane for them and engaged the toddler with lots of questions. Soon enough, Evallynn began to fidget, “twirling out of nowhere”, so the employee asked her if she was a ballerina and if she could show her how to dance.

Like most toddlers, Evallynn had full confidence in her own dancing skills. Soon enough, the two began twirling and dancing together. It was a relief for Stefanie.

“The employee was still directing customers to different checkout lines while dancing and had such a genuine kindness about her,” Elliot said, “It’s hard to explain how much it means when you are just out of patience and someone steps in and does something to ease the tension, even if it’s just to give you a five minute break.”

Stefanie had to take a video. It was too cute not to. She shared it in hopes that other parents would relate, and to give the employee a bit of recognition. Soon after she posted the video, the employee, named AJ, reached out to Elliot over Facebook message to say thank you.

“I’m so happy to have helped in just a little way,” AJ wrote to Elliot, “I hope to see you guys again soon for another dance party!”

Watch the adorable video below. Sometimes all you need to get through a stressful day is a little bit of fun!

Shout out to this awesome Target employee who has an impromptu dance party with my toddler. Easiest check out (with a toddler) experience ever!!!

Posted by Stefanie Bradbard Elliott on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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