How Time and Magic Morphs the Faces of Celebrities

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Faces change over time. Almost every human face will change unless we’re talking about Keanu Reeves, Patrick Stewart or the artist Prince. But, even from that list, Keanu is starting to crumble a bit. Here’s the thing about faces changing. A few contributors will affect one’s face: age, plastic surgery, drugs, an accident. If it’s a matter of age, one should feel privileged to live long enough to see big changes. When it comes to plastic surgery, sympathies run thin, especially for the rich and famous. Drugs garner even less pity. Can we, meaning you the reader and I, agree that we are worth more than our mortal looks? While we do that, can we also twist our respective mustaches at the crazy stuff happening to these celebrities as they age? It’s not all bad… not yet anyway.

Tom Cruise Before

Before he was a top gun, before he got into some risky business, Tom Cruise was once a normal young man, with only his Scientological aspirations and his one front tooth. Long before the nose jobs and the other tweaks, Tom Cruise was just another face in the crowd. Note how the midline of his beak lines up so well with his front tooth even way back in High School. You’ll  never unsee that center tooth now.

Tom Cruise Now

Something has happened in the last few years with Tom Cruise’s face. A few years ago he donned a set of braces to straighten out his teeth (but he still has the centered tooth). Also, he’s started to look puffy, like a man who’s tampered with his face too much. Botox is common in Hollywood, but the Mission Impossible star seems more than expressionless. He looks swollen.

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