The Best Meal and Grocery Delivery Services in 2020

Currently, most of the world is facing a crisis the likes of which haven’t been since in recent times. We are of course talking about the COVID-19 outbreak, or most commonly known as Coronavirus. It is something that right now is affecting most of us, whether male or female, young or old, healthy or feeble, etc., causing us to stay at home and exercise social distancing for the foreseeable future while we weather the storm.

So, while this is currently going on, we thought it would be a good opportunity to let you know about the best meal and grocery delivery services currently out there. After all, what better way to get your food and essentials (such as that coveted toilet paper for example) from home without having to get out of your house, interact with people, and possibly catch the virus? There is no reason to do that with these services around. So then, here we list the best meal and grocery services in 2020.

Walmart Grocery

With over 1,600 locations spread over most of the U.S. and no requirement for membership of any kind, Walmart Grocery stands as an accessible and easy-to-use service. Availability and convenience are everything when it comes to these types of businesses, and of course Walmart knows that, as they have changed their business model fairly recently. Before, you ordered from the website whatever you wanted and it was made available for same-day pickup. Now, you don’t have to go there anymore; instead, Walmart goes to you directly to your home and delivers you your items.
You can order virtually anything and everything Walmart would normally offer through this service, from regular food, to clothing, to computer parts, to things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer which are very much in high demand right now. The delivery fee ranges from $7.95 to $9.95. Delivery is free if you purchase their Delivery Unlimited which costs about $98 a year or $12.95 a month, which is something to consider if you’re planning on using their services a lot. Check them out. [1]

Blue Apron

One of the first or perhaps the first of its kind to popularize the whole grocery and meal delivery service, Blue Apron is an excellent choice if you’re looking to not only have your food delivery right to your door, but you’re also looking to make the actual cooking easier. Blue Apron deliveries come with incredibly easy-to-follow instructions to cook both nutritious and tasty meals; they’re so easy in fact that you could have your baby boy or baby girl help you out and make it a parent-child moment while also teaching them the basics to get them started. They deliver all kinds of meals for everyone, not just meats eaters, as they have a vegetarian option as well. They offer a two-person and a family plan; the two-person plan costs $27.95 a week, and the family plan costs $51.92 a week, two recipes each. [2]

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh just has it all. Through Amazon Fresh, you can buy almost anything you find at your local supermarkets such as fruits, vegetables, canned goods, snacks, raw meat etc. In addition, you’ll have access to approximately 1,000 Whole Foods products, since Amazon acquired them in 2017. The caveat is that it requires Amazon Prime so you’ll need to get that first. Their deliveries usually take around one hour and the shipping, if your order is less than $35, is totally free. [3]


With FreshDirect, you can expect to get cream-of-the-crop groceries, the best meat, cheese, seafood among other delicious foods. FreshDirect, much like the previously mentioned Blue Apron, offers meal kits of their own for your convenience. Their shipping fees are very reasonable, their delivery times are on par with most other competitors and they don’t require a membership. FreshDirect’s only downside is its lack of availability as it’s mostly limited to some Northeast states like New York, Washington D.C., and Delaware. Nonetheless, it’s a great option if you so happen to live where they operate [4]


Instacart is a bit different from the services we have covered so far, as it operates through their own shoppers who will go to your local stores and buy the items you tell them to, ranging from common groceries and non-perishables to alcohol if it’s available. They operate is most of the U.S. and require no membership. Their fees start at $3.99 and the minimum order is $10. Their deliveries tend to be pretty fast as well, sometimes close to 1-2 hours. You can upgrade to Instacart Express to get free delivery on orders over $35 and can shop from different stores simultaneously. [5]


Shipt is quite similar to the service we just highlighted, Instacart. It’s a grocery deliver service that ships items right to your door via a personal shopper. Unlike Instacart however, it requires a membership ($99 a year/$14 a month) and its reach is limited to the Southeast. You can buy the same things as most other services such as groceries, non-perishables and the like, deliveries are quick and shipping is free if the order is over $35. They often are doing sales and offering coupons and deals so they might be a great option that won’t break the bank if they work where you live. [6]

If you want to choose the best delivery service for you, always remember to check which ones are operating in your city. Going to their website and entering your address or zip code usually does it, so make sure to do that. With that, keep in mind that some of the ones mentioned here may not be available for you. There are many more services like these around, even beyond the ones we have talked about, so make sure you look for the one that offers you the best service.


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