The Best Water Delivery Services In 2020

Water is life. We all need and crave it. It helps with fatigue, headaches, migraines, bowel movements, body temperature, your skin, even helps out with things like preventing some types of cancer like colon and bladder cancer. [1] Drinking water daily and constantly is something every single one of us needs to in order to lead a healthy life. However, not all water is created equal as you might imagine. Tap water for example isn’t the same as high-quality water that some companies may offer. That’s what we’re going to talk about today: the all-round best water delivery services in 2020.

As we said, tap water just can’t compare as it might harbor or be contaminated by microbes, germs and many more invisible threats that could case all sorts of diseases and illnesses from a common cold to much, much worse things. Be it for your own home or your place of work, hiring the services of a water delivery company might be a great option to consider to assure your own well-being, especially with some of the events that are currently going on not just in America but in most parts of the world. As the name implies, a water delivery company brings quality water to your own home or company or whatever place you desire. Such companies, of course, typically charge for this service, be it monthly or after each delivery depending on each individual company. However, some of them might offer discounts or deals and sometimes might even offer the delivery free and only charge you for the water itself.

Choosing the best service for you

Before delving into the actual companies that provide this service, we’d like to mention a handful of things that you will want to keep in mind and consider carefully before hiring the services of said water delivery companies. These are, in no particular order:

  • Options for delivery and subscription: As obvious as it may seem, it is going to be important to keep in mind delivery options for these types of services. Be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc., remember to check how much water you’re going to need as the frequency in delivery can and oftentimes will affect the service cost. As for subscriptions, you can typically save some money by going for a longer contract or, if you need it or want it, you can get more things like tea delivered to you which when bundled together can net you a discount. Also, on the topic of discounts, remember to always ask for one and/or negotiate your bill with the company as they’re more often than not willing to work something out with their clients.
  • Cost: As we said, some companies are going to offer some discounts, so remember to be on the lookout for those. More importantly though, remember to consider their contracts and business models. If you want it for say, only 6 months, assure that you get how to get that specific number of months and get how to cancel the subscription if need be.
  • Bottle sizes: Most companies offer three to five-gallon jugs typically, but some do have greater variety so you can choose which ones you want.
  • Equipment: For companies, you’re going to want to have water dispensers as most of these water delivery companies won’t have them as they -obviously- just deliver water jugs and bottles most of the time. Getting in touch with a company that rents these might be a good idea.
  • Water selection: Variety is important for some, and this is no exception. If you so desire, some companies offer different types like spring water or water from the alps. As a related note, these companies like we mentioned often deliver things like tea and coffee as well if you’re interested in that.

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The takeaway from this is that you should take into account your water consumption and the specific options and deals that these companies offer and which are better suited for you. With that settled then, let’s now talk about some of what we consider to be the best water delivery services!


Costco offers a ton of benefits to its members, and one of them is their water delivery service. You just need to choose between three-gallon or five-gallon jugs of purified or spring water, add a water dispense if you so desire and assign your delivery schedule, be it for your work or for you own home. Take note that you can choose start date, frequency of delivery and how much you want, and if you want to change it you can do so at pretty much any time. Simple! [2]


Another big retailer which offers a great service of water delivery. Target’s a solid option if you’re looking to have water sent your way. All you’ve got to do is go to their site and order your water then just follow the steps to have it delivered via Shipt. Delivery is free if you’re a Shipt member; otherwise it’s $10. [3]

DS Services/

DS Services is a merger of many water companies, such as Hinckley Springs, Crystal Springs, Deep Rock Water, etc., and offer some of the best water delivery services around. They offer great size variety, single-serve or bulk, as well as water dispensers if you so happen to want one. Check them out! [4]

Culligan Water

Culligan Water is an experienced industry leader and offers some great services, including: delivery of rented or purchased water coolers, water cooler bottle refills in sanitized 5-gallon jugs, delivery of bottled water, and the ability to choose quantity, frequency, and delivery time. Their delivery includes installation and maintenance of water coolers as well, and the removal of any and all used three-gallon and five-gallon water bottles. They’re an industry-leading company with 80 years of experience in their field so they’re a fantastic choice all around. Check out the online website and see for yourself. [5]

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