These Teachers Are Just As Over This Semester As You


Fall Term is almost over. Some schools are already gearing up for Winter Break. Tests are being handed out, homework is being assigned, and teachers everywhere are looking forward to this break just as much as their students are. They’re overworked and underpaid.

A lot of them end up turning to humor or downright savage memes to cope.

These are photos and memes of real teachers as created by their students – teachers who are just as done as you are with this school term, and who really just need a day (or a week, or a month) off. Take the one above, for instance. That takes creativity to a whole new level. Do you know any teachers who need a Gandalf “you shall not pass” stamp? Maybe every teacher does.


This teacher has their class schedule down to an exact science. Thankfully, it’s clear exactly where they’re going next. Once the syllabus is reviewed, they want all their students to GTFO of their classroom.

2. Dracula and the Test Scores of Death


Next time that your friends say “don’t be extra”, send them this. It doesn’t really get any more extra than this. Those text scores must have been awful. Coffins are expensive!

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