The Rock Reacts to Young Fan Who Saved A Life

Jacob O’Conner is a ten-year-old from Michigan, and his favorite movie is San Andreas – the action film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A month ago, Jacob had just finished his episode of “Lego Ninjago” when he noticed his 2-year-old brother was gone, and that the door to the backyard was wide open. Jacob had been keeping an eye on him while the boys’ grandmother was busy, but the toddler had managed to wander outside. Jacob went to look for him, and saw his baby brother’s shoe floating in the pool.

That was when he spotted his baby brother, Dylan, drowning.

He pulled his brother from the pool, remained calm, and tried to think of what to do. That was when he remembered The Rock.

“[San Andreas] just popped up in my head and I started thinking about that scene, and that’s when I started doing the compressions.” Jacob said in an interview with the Washington Post. In San Andreas, The Rock’s character rescues his daughter from near-drowning, using CPR to revive her until she vomits water.

For half a minute, Jacob said he channeled his inner action hero and kept pushing until his little brother’s “heart started pumping”. Then, he “vomited a little water”, just like the scene in San Andreas. Jacob knew his little brother was going to be okay. He ran and got his grandmother. She called 911, and Dylan was rushed to the hospital.

When the boys’ mother left work to rush to the emergency room, she had no idea that it was Jacob who had saved Dylan’s life. Later, when she found out the truth, she asked him where he had learned to do chest compressions.

“I saw it in a movie,” he told her.

“What movie?” she asked.

San Andreas, with The Rock.”

Now, a month later, Dylan is okay. He’s made a full recovery, and Jacob is the hero of his town in Michigan. The story has been covered across the country and the world, so far and wide that The Rock himself heard about it.

The story touched The Rock, and as soon as he heard about it, he sent out four tweets.

“You’re a real life hero,” he wrote, “We’re all proud of you!”

One of Jacob’s dreams is to meet The Rock, and The Rock has decided to make that dream come true. In an Instagram post, he announced that he’s flying Jacob and his family out to meet him in Vancouver.

Jacob’s super excited to meet the Rock. Hopefully Dylan will be okay to fly, too, so he won’t miss this!

When asked if he feels like a hero, Jacob responded:

“I guess.”

He starts fifth grade in September.

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