Metalhead’s Dad Gave Him a New Guitar for His Birthday Before Dying

Who’s cutting onions?

Johnny Crow’s just like any other teenager. He’s got hopes and dreams and hobbies. One of those hobbies happens to be metal music. He loves it, and he’s pretty good at playing it, too.

This past April, Johnny’s dad died of a heart attack at the age of 49. Johnny was home at the time and even tried to resuscitate his dad using CPR. It didn’t work. His father died right before Johnny could turn sixteen.

What Johnny didn’t know is that his father had arranged a birthday present ahead of time. In fact, he’d ordered the present back in January. Why? Well, his dad ordered him a special guitar, and in order to get the model his son wanted, he made sure to order it way ahead of time. Johnny’s sister got a call from the local music shop just shortly after their father died. The shop owner told her about the order for the guitar – a Razorback.

So, earlier this week, Johnny’s sister took him to Port Huron Music Center to pick up the present. Johnny had no idea what was waiting for him, let alone that it had been left there by his recently deceased father. His sister posted a video up online of his reaction once he realizes what’s happening and it’s absolute incredible. We can’t help but cry along with him.

There are justĀ so many onions around today.

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