Lab Created Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds: Is There a Difference

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone, and for good reason. They’re incredibly strong and beautiful. Diamonds are highly sought after, but in more recent years diamond mining has come under scrutiny for its ethical and environmental effects. Natural diamonds have become less popular, and lab created diamonds have begun to get more attention.

Lab created diamonds have become a popular alternative to traditional, natural diamonds. They’re more affordable, and conflict-free. Created in labs, they are indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Jewelers notice no difference between the lab diamonds and natural diamonds. If you’re an ethical and/or budget minded consumer, you can easily search online to find lab created diamonds.

If you’re still unsure that a lab diamond is the right choice for you, here’s some more information on these non-traditional diamonds.

Check Out Pawn Shops

Good but sometimes overlooked or even avoided places to look for a good wedding ring within your budget are pawn shops and second-hand stores, where you are sure to find a variety of engagement rings at varying, but typically affordable, prices. These stores usually clean, polish and fix what they buy before they sell it at the counter.

Don’t be surprised to find high-end brands or high-quality jewelry at bargain-bin prices. You might get lucky depending on where you look. You can also get some good deals on antique engagement rings. They’re always open to bartering. Some people may find these antique rings attractive and appealing, as these rings may have interesting designs and/or styles that are not found in modern rings and maybe even have some historical background attached to them. Also, it is worth noting that second-hand rings can also be found at garage sales and the like; if you search long enough, you’re bound to found a diamond in the rough.

Choose Gemstone Rings Instead of Diamonds

A lot of people (particularly women in a lot of cases) dream of having their significant other propose to them with a diamond ring, as it has been for ages the jewel with the most appeal and renown when comes to wedding rings. But in the market right now you can find interesting options that are made with precious stones other than diamonds, and it might just be the thing that makes your partner say yes. Such jewel include sapphire, emeralds, topaz rubies, among many others. The best part is that these rings are typically going to be cheaper than a diamond one. Plus, they give the ring a unique and more personalized style. You can get it in your partner’s favorite color, for instance.

To add onto that, having a ring with a unique jewel instead of the oh-so-common diamond will give your partner a chance to flaunt a special gem and feel special of course. However, if your significant other is a deep fan of diamonds, you can get many diamonds on the market that have a yellowish color to them. These types of diamonds are less expensive than high carat diamonds and have a nice-looking yellow-white shine.

Don’t Forget Online Jewelry Stores

One way to buy wedding rings is through online jewelry stores. Through them, it is easier to find said rings at a low and affordable cost, because in this type of stores there are no leasing fees or operating expenses, saving a good amount of money to be used later in the wedding or engagement party.

On the web you can find a plethora of good options. There are a lot of stores of renowned brands and they offer diamonds at a good price and, like we mentioned, varying precious to give your significant other a personalized surprise. Also, you can get some interesting models on professional engagement rings websites, so you have several options to choose from.

One of the best stores to buy wedding rings is [1] where you will have many budget and quality options alike, and you will be able to choose according to your budget and your betrothed’s style. Visit their website and consult with the best in the market.

Of course, that is not the only online store available to you. Like Diamonds-USA, there are many out there that offer good rings at even better prices and you can even customize the look of the ring and many more things.

Some of these are: [2] which is a great choice for finding special and unique designs, James Allen [3] which has been in the business for over a decade and offer by-the-book rings as well as some unique ones, and you can choose to create your own or just purchase their pre-made ones, Catbird [4] which offers lifetime guarantees and leans on the trendier side of the business, and Brilliant Earth [5] which takes pride in using recycled materials and ethically sourcing their diamonds, and they offer free shipping and free returns although their rings tend to oftentimes be on the pricier side of things.

To close it up: like we have stressed in this article, buying an engagement ring for your fiancée shouldn’t have be too expensive. There are many options available to you. Many jewelers will try to convince you that buying an expensive ring means that your love is more valuable or bigger or things like that. This, of course, is not true. It is not about the price of the ring but the willingness you have to become a quality husband or wife for your future betrothed and the formation of a new happy family. Thus, if you choose a low-cost engagement ring, dare to give it to your bride on engagement day, she will value the way you propose much more than the ring itself.


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