Experiencing Hair Loss? A Hair Transplant Might Be Just What You Need

The methods we currently have in order to combat hair loss -in both men and women- are numerous: from pills, to shampoos, to creams, yet none of them have proven to be surefire, completely effective ways to solve the problem. Hair loss is an issue that affects millions of people all over the globe. [1] No man or woman with hair-loss-related issues (or at the least very few of them) has been able to solve them with simple remedies, whether chemical or natural.

Nowadays, there is a true solution for baldness and hair loss: a procedure known as hair transplant, which has been considered by many -patients and professionals alike- to be far more successful at dealing with a treating hair loss and baldness than the average shampoo, cream, pill, or over-the-counter product. [2] This technique is a surgical advance that allows healthy hair in an area of the head to be moved to the place where there is no hair. It is increasingly requested by those who need treatment. As a small fact, many patients choose to have this operation performed in countries such as Turkey, due to the reliability that the clinics provide by having medical teams with a high value in experience.

This operation in essence consists of locally anesthetizing the area of the head where the incisions are to be made. In previous appointments, the doctor chooses the area that will be used as a hair donor, which is usually the area at the back of the neck, due to most people always having hair there, and that hair always growing back.

The hair follicles are then extracted from this area. There is no definite limit to the number of follicular units to be extracted. You just have to avoid leaving a visible scar. Then, each follicular unit is grafted to another area where hair has been lost through a fine puncture in the skin of the skull, trying to ensure that the grafts cause an ideal and natural hair density in the future.

Once the patient has gone through all the consultations and after the operation, he or she will have to take a series of precautions for a period of time, ranging from the use of medication to healing shampoos. In addition, certain guidelines must be followed, such as not consuming alcohol, caffeine, tobacco or exercising for a few weeks to avoid excessive hair sweating.

The patient will also need to adopt a certain sleeping position so that the treated area is not affected. The results will be observed after six months and by the year there will have been a complete change.

To perform this treatment correctly, it is required that the patient goes to a specialized center, for obvious reasons, as you wouldn’t want an amateur surgeon doing something that could leave you looking worse than before. Therefore, one of the best decisions is to consult online or in your vicinity with experts on the matter to ensure that you’re dealing with the best professional you can.

By doing this, you can also look around for different surgeons and compare prices and get quotes, compare their specializations and the end results of their patients just so that you get a frame of reference.

Advantages of having a hair transplant

Hair transplants are the best valued and most reliable alternative to combat hair loss. The extraction of follicular stems has become the most effective method to solve this problem that affects so many people worldwide. Now then, here are some of the pros of performing it and how it can change the lives of all those who decide to undertake this procedure.

No visible scars

This process does not have to leave scars, much less visible ones. One of the most frequent fears that patients have is that the scars from the punctures will be visible, but this does not happen thanks to the advanced techniques used in these operations. For this reason, patients should not worry, since even with shorter hair it will not be possible for anyone to notice the surgery that has been performed.

Short healing time

After the transplant, the scalp will have to adapt to the hair implants and will have to heal properly so that the follicles do not fall out. To do this, you will have to spend a few days following the advice that the specialist recommends. In a little less than a week this period will be over and the healing will have concluded correctly if all the steps have been followed.

It is not necessary to rest after surgery

Unlike most operations, this one does not require rest. Once the operation is over, you can go back to your daily activities without any problem, but always following the doctor’s guidelines.

Raises self-esteem levels

The vast, vast majority of the patients who undergo this procedure are satisfied with the results, according to many studies on the matter. [3] This leads to an increase in self-confidence and self-assurance, which makes social and working life easier.

Long-term guarantee

Hair transplantation guarantees long-term results, especially when compared to other treatments, not to mention that you won’t have to go through it again (unless something horrible happens which would be the surgeon’s fault) due to the transplanted hair just growing naturally once it’s part of your scalp, so unless an incident occurs, this hair will never fall out again, making this operation a safe long-term investment that’s sure to improve your life.

All in all, getting a hair transplant can be a life-changing decision. It can make you more confident, more attractive, and can lead you to have a better, more fulfilling life as a result. Yet know that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. As we said, please make sure to research locally and/or online thoroughly before undergoing the procedure as it’s a very delicate one that needs to be done by true professionals of the field.

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