Homeless Man Saves Children in Manchester Attack, Gets Free Rent

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – One homeless man raced through the crowds in Manchester after the Manchester terror attack and carried victims to safety and pulled nails and glass from injured people’s eyes. His name is Stephen Jones, he’s thirty-five, and when he saw mothers weeping over their dying children, he couldn’t help but do something.

“I… realized what was happening and saw children coming out, screaming and covered in blood,” he described in an interview, “It was a lot of children with blood all over them, crying and screaming. “We were having to pull nails and bits of glass out of their arms and faces.”

Jones used to work as a bricklayer, and had been homeless for more than a year. He says he’ll never forget what he saw that night.

“I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I’d just walked away.”

His selfless act of bravery attracted the attention of West Ham United FC co-chairman David Sullivan and his son. They tried to track Jones down on social media, hoping to offer him a place to stay for six months.

“Me and dad want to rent the homeless man in Manchester a house for six months to help him get on his feet,” David Sullivan tweeted, “If anyone can help us get in touch much much appreciated. Such a self-less act needs rewarding. Please tag anyone who can help us.”

Later, through the gravevine, the pair were able to find Steve. He now has a safe place to stay and is stabilizing so he can finally start a new job. Watch his emotional interview below:

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