Gremlin the Dog Gets Her Own Pair of Glasses, Can Finally See.


Just look at that happy face!

Gremlin the Pit Bull’s eyesight hasn’t been all that great for a while. Seven years ago, Chris and Marlesa Hughes adopted the then four-year-old dog, rescued from a life of dog fighting. Gremlin’s a trooper. She’s lived through cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and a blood disease called babesia. A year and a half ago, she developed cataracts on top of her already partial blindness. One vet recommended surgery, but it didn’t go as planned. Gremlin developed dangerous pressure behind her right eye, causing permanent blindness and a lot of pain.

The vet gave her an injection to deaden the eye, which has alleviated some her discomfort, but she still can’t see very well. She’s far-sighted, which means she can see things that are far away, but not things that are close. Often, she bumps into things when she’s walking around the house and is easily startled. She started to avoid everyone, including the people she loved.

“That was the worst.” Marlesa said, “You don’t want to go to love on your dog and have her be absolutely scared to death. Her quality of life was suffering, and we really considered her happiness.”

The Hughes quickly began looking for a solution.

“[Our pets] are our family and we have made a promise to them to give them the best life we can.”

A month ago, they found a vet who could prescribe Gremlin contacts. When she first got her new contact lens in her good eye, it was like she was “waking up from a daze,” her vet said, “I was thrilled.”

The lenses can be left in for a month at a time, but it seems like Gremlin likes hers changed out every week. She’s a much happier dog now. Marlesa said that as soon as the contacts are in, “Gremlin kisses us, paws at us to pet her. She is happier.” They’re so pleased that their dog is once again able to enjoy life.

“The best thing, though,” Marlesa said, “the defining moment, was when she saw herself in the bottom of the door. You know the part where there is a little mirror-like kick plate? She lay down in front of it and just stared at herself. It was amazing.”

Watch the video of Gremlin getting her contacts in below! Don’t worry, it’s a mild video. Even the most squeamish person can watch it.

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