American Aid Worker Faces ISIS To Save a Little Girl

“And I remembered this scripture, ‘Greater love has no man who laid down his life for his friends.” – David Eubank.


MOSUL, IRAQ – This week, a video of an American aid worker facing ISIS snipers in order to save a little girl caught in the crossfire went viral.

David Eubank, the man of the hour, is just an ordinary American aid worker who risks his life daily to save others. He sees people die every single day.

“We see families killed,” Eubank said in an interview with CBS News, “One woman, probably a 19-year-old, new mother, little newborn, died in my arms.”

This past week, he thought the scene he’d arrived on was no different. He found 70 dead bodies of women, children, and disabled men piled in the street. ISIS snipers lined the area, and were ready to open fire on anyone who dared to get close.

But David saw something that made his heart stop: a little girl hiding by the body of her mother.

“[She was] sitting next to her dead mother. Hiding under the black hijab,” Eubank said.

He knew he had to go and get her.

The snipers opened fire, but David was aided by Iraqi and U.S. forces on the ground and in the air. They put up a smokescreen. He had just a few seconds – twelve, to be exact, but he made it. David ran into the fray and picked up the little girl and carried her back to safety.

As the situation in Iraq gets more and more dangerous, people keep asking David why he chooses to go back and bring his family with him. As a unit, his family of five is pretty united on their answer.

His daughter, Sahale, said: “There’s kids on the front line with their parents who are getting shot at, so why shouldn’t we be out there helping them as well? If your kid was out there, wouldn’t you want someone else to help them, someone to rescue them, to give them the opportunity to live.”

Watch the incredible viral video of the rescue below:

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