Wild Siberian Tigers Pose For Selfies, Raising Awareness For Endangerment

Siberian Tigers are one of the world’s most endangered species of big cats. This past week, a family of tigers frolicked in front of a camera left by some forest rangers. The photos and video that ensued are incredible.

The mother seemed tired, but the cubs definitely wanted to play and were curious about the camera trap left by the rangers. The cubs rolled around in front of the camera, biting and scratching each other, and eventually even their mother joined in the game despite how tired she was.

Ekaterina Blidchenko, a researcher with Land of Leopard and veterinarian at PRNCO ‘Tiger Center’ said, “These shots are unique because they do not just show how the animals walk on a path, but display a whole episode of life of a healthy tiger family. The tiger cubs are just four to five months old. They cannot fully control their force and this skill is very important in such games. Such fighting is necessary…to train muscles and improve hunting skills…We see the comfortable behavior of healthy animals, which have enough food in the national park…And the tigress even has time to play with her cubs.”

According to the latest data, Siberian Times reports that there are 22 adult Siberian tigers and 7 cubs in the Land of the Leopard park. Poachers have hunted this species to near-extinction, but thanks to efforts of scientists and rangers at parks like these, the species is beginning to recover.

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