Teens Help Seniors Become More Internet Savvy, Bridge the Age Gap

“This is a sweet tale that will resonate with anyone who has tried to make a Skype call to a grandparent.” – The New York Times.

PHOTO: fosi.org

It’s 2017, and the age-gap has never been wider. While teenagers share memes and YouTube videos and watch endless gifs on how to make slime, some seniors have no idea what Facebook is. Many have never even used a computer. It’s a shame. The internet might be a cesspool in some spots, but in others it’s a wealth of information. It has immense power to connect us to our loved ones, to broaden our horizons, and to open up doors to places we would never go otherwise. The internet has changed the world. Unfortunately, this is a new world that seems very closed off to the elderly.

Two high school sisters, Macaulee and Kascha Cassaday, are out to change that. Partnering with other kids in their school, they launched a program at a local nursing home to help seniors become more technologically literate. They’re hoping not only to connect seniors to the world of information and technology, but also to bridge the generational gap and fight against the age-segregation that runs rampant in our world today. You might cringe at the thought of watching a bunch of octogenarians fumble their way through using Facebook or Google, but give the video a try. It might just surprise you. This is a cause worth supporting.

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