Monster Hunt: Police Officers Help 4 Year Old Fight Monsters At Home

When a 4-year-old girl asked a police officer to help her hunt monsters in her home, he showed up with a flashlight in uniform on a Sunday afternoon, ready to go. Sidney Fahrenbruch had just moved into a new home with her family in Longmont Colorado. She told the Denver station, KDVR, that “I heard sounds when people weren’t up.”

This sort of thing is a scary situation for any four-year-old. Thankfully, Sidney wasn’t alone. She had lots of help to get rid of the monsters once and for all.

She met Longmont Police Officer, David Bonday, and he agreed that a monster hunt was in order. They combed through the house, lifting up cushions, moving furniture, and opening closets to draw out whatever ghoul was lurking in Sydney’s house. When it was over, Sidney and Bonday announced that the house was completely monster-free. Sidney’s mom, Megan Fahrenbruch, posted some videos to prove it was true.

In the end, Sidney made a new friend – and the four-year-old knows what she wants to be when she grows up: a police officer.

Watch the news coverage of the event below. It’ll make your day. It’s good to remember that good police officers do exist, and that all they really want to do is help people.

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