When Celebrities Use Their Powers for Doing Good

18. Sean Penn

Sean Penn has been in the limelight of Hollywood almost his whole life. As he’s aged, the actor who played Harvey Milk in the movie Milk has made a concerted effort to lend a hand whenever he can. He speaks out for human rights and advocates for peace in the world. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti moved Penn to dedicate much of his spare time and money to help the island recover. In 2012, Penn received the 2012 Peace Summit Award for his work there.

17. Michael J. Fox

The man famous for his role in the TV series Family Ties, and for his part in Back to the Future, developed Parkinson’s disease in his late 20s. An issue close to his heart, Fox started his own foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. That organization continues to search for a cure to the debilitating disorder. Fox maintains a surprisingly active public life despite his slow loss of motor control.

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