This 11 Year Old Boy Grows Out His Hair for an Amazing Reason

Josh Scott-Hill is just a regular boy from Wales. A regular boy who has made an incredible commitment to accomplish an awesome goal! At only 11-years old, Josh has spent the last 18 months letting his hair grow long. No, he’s not doing it just for fun or as a fashion statement or to fit in with new and outgoing trends, he is actually doing it so he can donate his hair and have it be turned into wigs for children with cancer.

PHOTO: Sam Scott

Josh’s mother, Sam Scott, has a friend who was told that she had cancer. Sam said that after her son saw the serious and heart-wrenching effects cancer can have, he immediately wanted to help. Happily, Sam’s friend no longer has cancer, and Josh stuck with his noble goal. After 18 months, Josh’s hair has grown down past his shoulders. He plans to cut his hair July 15th. And when he has his hair cut this month, he will donate it to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children with cancer.

Sam says that despite being teased and repeatedly mistaken as a girl, Josh has stuck with his commitment to growing out his hair. He admits that it has been hard at times, especially when he is playing sports. “After a football game Josh came to me and said that they were making fun of him but I told him to remember what he is doing it for,” explains Sam. “He just brushes it off now and if anything it just made him more determined than ever.” 

Josh agrees that many people have mistaken him for a girl because of his long hair. But, he’s found a way to keep it from bothering him.

“During the time I have been growing my hair I have been teased and mistaken for a girl so many times I’ve lost count,” says Josh. “There was only one time I got really upset, but luckily my friends are very supportive as are my family.”

Sam says, “I think he would do it again, I’m so proud of him.”

In addition to donating his hair, Josh has raised £1,000 (about $1,300) for charity which will go to Maggie’s in Swansea. Maggie’s is dedicated to providing free, practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer as well as their family and friends.

Aside from growing out his hair again to make more wigs, Josh is hopeful he will serve as an example for other kids.

“I hope other children will realize they can do it too,” says Josh.

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