America’s Oldest Veteran Gets a Home Makeover, Turns 111

AUSTIN, TEXAS – For years, America’s oldest World War II veteran, Richard Overton, has been an icon of Austin’s community. He can usually be seen sitting out on his front porch, enjoying the weather.

He turned 111 in May, and for now, you won’t see him out on his porch. This year, his 1948 home is getting a long-overdue makeover with the help of the Meals on Wheels organization. The organization will be replacing the 1948 electrical wiring, installing a central air and heating system, widening doors, moving carpet and installing laminated floors, and ensuring that the home is safe for Richard to live in.

The repairs are scheduled to be completed in two weeks. For now, Overton will be staying in a hotel. Once the repairs are complete, Richard will finally, once again, be safe and comfortable in his own home.

“We’re honored and pleased to provide the necessary repairs to help him live there independently,” Adam Hauser, CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Texas said, “He’s an icon in our community.”

The project on Overton’s house is part of a bigger plan that was begun in 2014 by Meals on Wheels Central Texas. So far, 113 homes have been repaired or renovated for veterans. It’s an incredibly important part of making sure that America’s honored citizens can live independently as they grow older. Hauser considers helping older adults who want to continue to live in their own homes a top priority for his organization.

“It’s a great pleasure to serve that community. And particularly the brave men and women who have served our country and wish to live out the remainder of their lives in their own homes.” – Adam Hauser.

Richard Overton shared his secrets to life with National Geographic when he was 109 years old. Don’t miss the incredible life-advice from one of America’s oldest people still living:

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