Add Every One of These Panoramic Hot Springs of the World to Your Bucket List



After a hard day of work or play, nothing beats re-hydrating in a hot bath. Drawing a bath is boring, though. Jacuzzis make a lovely, more social upgrade with less waiting, but jacuzzis rarely come with a view; someone’s backyard if you’re lucky. The ideal hot bath scenario includes all the above, without the wait. It also bakes in sweet views of Mother Earth, while you soak in mineral enrichment, making your skin feel like silk. Dipping in natural hot spring is a time-honored activity, one some places have honed into an unforgettable time. Check out 25 of the planet’s best.

25. Blue Lagoon—Grindavik, Iceland

One of the planet’s 25 wonders, getting to the springs in Iceland will take some travel. It is, after all, in the middle of a lava field, on an island. Worth it? The draw to these milky blue springs has been so great, the group who owns them had to expand. The grounds are currently undergoing expansion efforts to accommodate the throngs of dedicated people who make the trek. You know, because one needs plenty of space to stretch out.

24. Granite Hot Springs—Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Carved out as a tourist destination in the 1930s, this Jackson Hole destination attracts mostly hikers. After a day of beating a trail in some the United States’ most beautiful territory, a dip in the springs goes over like hot chocolate on a winter day. It’s a dirt road in, so drive the right vehicle. Nearby, one can find campgrounds to ensure close proximity to the springs. It’s a national park, though, so they don’t permit alcohol.

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