These 25 Images Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


Sometimes it seems like everything in the world is off-course, like the whole of humanity has lost its way. It hasn’t. Times like this, we all need reassurance that there are still good people in the world. There are. Every day, somewhere in the world, there is someone like you who is putting it on the line to give someone else a moment of respite. From friendly gestures to a life-saving decision, these photos capture the efforts of individuals behaving like real human beings.

Man in Rio de Janeiro Donates His Sandals to a Homeless Girl

According to a commenter on Kindness Blog, this man is a former 9th-grade biology teacher, Doctor David Mallow. As she puts it, he is “one of the single best human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.” One doesn’t have to know the man to see the kindness in his heart, evidenced by what the photographer captured here. We should all stop and take off our shoes whenever we see someone without a pair who can’t buy them.

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