Dare to Thrill-Seek at the Most Epic Travel Destinations in the World

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Vacationers exist on a spectrum. At one end, there are the timid tour bus travelers, not sure if they will survive outside their one horse hometown. On the other end of the spectrum, there are the thrill seekers. They know they might not survive to see tomorrow so they chase adrenaline like a junkie chases a fix. This gallery is not for the tour bus group, but it might be for those in the middle of the spectrum. If there were a reason to break out of your comfort zone, one of these 25 places is the place to do it. Never forget that a rogue bus could end it all tomorrow. Nothing will make you feel more alive than the perception of almost-dying.

Bike the World’s Deadliest Road–La Paz, Bolivia

The passageway goes by a few names: North Yungas Road, Grove’s Road, Coroico Road, Camino a Los Yungas or Road of Fate. The spookiest name is the best one: Death Road. Why do they call it that? Because, silly, people die on it. By the last estimate, some 200-300 travelers a year never finish the route. It’s not guerrillas in the trees that threaten your life, but the road itself that takes victims. It collapses. There are few guardrails. To make matters worse, work vehicles on schedules take chances, running others off the road. Bikes have the best chance of making out safely, as they can stop and steer clear of the edge. Thus, many do it only to say they did.

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