Bucket List Vacation Destinations You Have To See Now While They Are Still Awesome

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

There are 40 different islands and cays which make up Turks and Caicos. Grand Turk is the capital, but Providenciales is the gem in the bunch. The island of “Provo,” as locals call it, is small enough to cross on foot. There are many bays and beaches, but the best is Grace Bay. So, says Trip Advisor. There, long white sand beaches stretch down to foamy Caribbean seawater, colored blue like the pitch of an icy sports beverage. Provo is home to wildlife on the land and in the sea. It hosts some of the best snorkeling and SCUBA in the world, clear as glass beyond most commercial dive depths. One can fish, swim, drink, dance, drink from coconuts, and all that vacationy stuff. The most important activity one can accomplish in Provo is exactly nothing. On this beautiful island, the world is so far away.

Paris, France

Ask anyone who’s visited Paris and they’ll tell you, “… wish I’d spent more time there.” It seems there are not enough vacation days to make up for the hours you will spend longing to go back. Yes, you will see the Eiffel Tour, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre museum where they keep the Mona Lisa, Most importantly, you’ll dine on the best food you’ve ever eaten in your life. If you’re quirky, you’ll take the subway to the graveyard where they buried Jim Morrison. If you’re into history, you walk the Champs-Élysées where Nazis marched into Paris when they took France. It’s the same avenue where Allied forces marched after kicking those Nazis out. You can walk almost anywhere in Paris and find old world charm. 

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